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 Family Services Committee


This committee recruits family applicants, screens applications, interviews applicants, and recommends applicants to the Board of Directors for approval as partner families.  The committee also tracks families’ sweat equity hours and plans classes for partner families to attend.  Support services are provided throughout the application and building process, and for the first year of home ownership.

Chairperson: Christine Franklin


 Church Relations Committee


The Church Relations Committee seeks to strengthen the support of the affiliate’s work by gaining volunteers, prayer support, and financial resources from our community churches. The Church Relations committee is the liaison between the ministry and our local faith community.

Chairperson: Roger Perry

 Construction/Site Selection Committee


This committee is responsible for planning and overseeing all aspects of home construction. They also solicit and track in-kind donations of building materials. The committee also researches possible building sites for purchase or donation.

Chairperson: Terry Monroe

 Resource Development


The members of this committee coordinate the raising of funds needed to build homes. Their tasks include fundraising campaigns, grant proposal writing, special events, and cultivation of donors. This committee emphasizes and promotes the importance of Christian stewardship in the servicing of donors and supporters.

This committee is also responsible for keeping donors, volunteers and the public informed about the work Ashe County Habitat is doing and ways to get involved as a volunteer or donor.  If you have interest in community outreach activities such as maintaining the website or database, writing newspaper articles, organizing social events or staffing information tables at community festivals, we can put you to work.

Chairperson: Jeannie Tygielski


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