House 9

This past Saturday, June 10, we were able to complete exterior painting on House 9!


Along with finishing the exterior painting, our crew also painted inside, did some stucco, and removed scaffolding. The cabinets are making progress and the house now has gutters. Things are really coming along!


This past Wednesday, June 14, we had a record turnout for House 9 of 13 volunteers. We were all sore the next day in places we did not know existed. Thanks to Bill’s expertise and a stellar work crew (who must have been part mountain goat) we got all 43 bags of concrete mixed (@80 lb bags=3440lbs!) and delivered to their rightful home to hold our solar array posts in place. Wow! Great work everyone.


On top of that, we got the inside walls painted, stucco finished, the dirt back around the house, and rocks picked up in the yard! It was a very successful workday!


In other news, Blue Ridge Energy was there this week working on hooking up the power. House 9 is coming together!