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Volunteer Opportunity!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at Ashe Habitat is an easy, lighthearted way to spend your Saturdays and Mondays. The benefits of volunteering will last a lifetime; not only for those we help, but for you as well. Our volunteers are a family.

As a non-profit, we rely on volunteers for our day to day tasks and long term goals. Without the help from our volunteers, we would not be able to do the important work we do.

Further benefits of volunteering at Ashe County Habitat for Humanity:

  • Meet new people and build community.

Working together with strangers who desire a common goal is a great way to meet new people and form new relationships. Over the course of time, these friendships turn into family. In or out of the store, our volunteers are here to support each other!

  • Gain knowledge about other ways of life

Being that you will be around strangers who typically have different backgrounds and life stories, you will be exposed to many different walks of life. By seeing and learning about new cultures, you will gain insight you might not otherwise gain.

  • Gain a sense of purpose and become happier

As we grow and develop a sense of who we are as individuals and what matters most to us, it is important to find hobbies and organizations that align with those morals.

Through volunteering at Ashe Habitat, you will be able to benefit others in many ways. We are able to provide affordable furniture to customers, decent housing opportunities to qualifying partner families, and bonds that will last a life time.

Feeling like you are serving in a purposeful role in your community will make you feel lots of feelings, but especially... happy!

Thank you for reading and learning about some of the benefits of volunteering with us. To learn more about these amazing opportunities, please reach out to our operations manager, Chloe Parker, via email or phone.


Phone: 336-867-9006


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